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M551 light tank

The tank too understood for Sheridan (Sheridan), the early evolution of 60, the end of 1962 made the first prototype and test element conveyed in early 1963, merely some of the equipment by 1967 the U.S. armored cavalry (exploration) battalion . 1966 to 1970, aggregate U.S. creation of the Tan Keda 1700, mainly for armored observation forces and airborne departments to use, merely likewise in combined weapon battle, the cardinal combat tanks, the zone can not be carried to invest bombard patronize.


Introduction to structural characteristics of the missile type weapons constitutes a model evolution and alteration reconnaissance equipment performance file Arms Model Introduction 1968 to 1969, the United States in the Vietnam War, the use of the tanks 64 and ascertained it engine transmission, suspension and combustible cartridge are a problem. In appending to the United States announced in 1978, the 82nd Airborne Division continue to rig the other entire to stop using. Some of the vehicles will be sent to the U.S. training pedestal in California and other deposits of the Soviet Union live in the morning to pretend the analog cars and armored vehicles, weapons platform based towering test traffic. Structural characteristics of the tank body namely soldered with 7039 aluminum armor, cockpit front, fighting compartment center, engine booth in the post. M47 driver installed 3 single flare hatch telescope, night driving, the medium an can be replaced with M48 infrared periscope. Weapons constitutes a turret of iron armor plates welded together, the bus captains and the gunner in the turret above the right, filling in the left hand. 152mm firearms gun is the M81 type / missile tubes, a two-way stabilizer, hydraulic - concentric recoil spring apparatus. All guns weight 607kg, only 3.8% of the all vehicle weight, barrel length of 2870mm, degrees rifle mantled nigh 40 times the diameter length, and missile guidance and firing HEAT dedicated rail sway breech. The gun fired with combustible cartridge can mediocre shells, such as multi-purpose HEAT, grenades, cloud bombs and phosphorus bombs Tracer exercise, they can fire an oak mallet (Shillelagh) Anti-tank missiles. Equipped with a multi-purpose HEAT M409E5 style all weighing only 22.2kg, the projectile weight 19.0kg, muzzle speed of 687m / s, room oppression 272.44MPa (2780kgf/cm2), recoil length of 380mm, the telling scope of about 1500m, the maximum vertical thickness of armor up to 500mm, and can play a role in fragmentation. Anti-tank missile type missile oak stick model MGM-51A, re-27kg, all playing a long 1140mm, most flight speed of 200m / s, with a range of 200m ~ 3000m, the maximum perpendicular thickness of armor 500mm. Missile target using visual, infrared auto tracking, automatic command guidance system. Base of the tank cartridge for the missile 10, 20 circulars of shells. Similar to the M81-type 152mm artillery / missile launch tube of the important weapons systems after in 1970 as the M60A2 tank and the cancellation of the MBT-70 tank aboard the main weapons. Observation equipment installed in the tank 10 long observation tower mirror for seeing around, in addition, drivers also use a 4 × magnification portable night observation devices. Telescope using a M129 gunner and an overhead M44 infrared night sight, the sometime exaggeration 8 ×, field of view 8 °, which exaggeration during the day as 1 ×, the night was 9 ×, field of view is 6 °. The left side of the vehicle main pistol installed an infrared searchlight. The tank is also equipped with an M73-type parallel 7.62mm machine gun, installed on a tower M2HB12.7mm machine gun, pitch range is -15 ° ~ +70 °. The tank with General Motors (GeneralMotors)'s 6V-53T-type 6-cylinder water-cooled 2-stroke turbo-charged diesel engine, maximum power is 221kW (300 hp), transportation strap for the TG-250 and the locking torque converter hold hydraulic mechanical transportation,8733.org, 4 along and 2 reverse. Gearbox is made of aluminum - magnesium alloy materials. Turn, the second, third and fourth with the corresponding nailed turning radius, the first and reverse gear shift can be fulfilled in situ. Action portion of the 5 pairs of road wheels, the rear driving wheel, front-inducer, no attention pulley. Wheel for the hollow architecture to mushroom buoyancy. First, the 5 installation of hydraulic shock absorber Wheel. For the torsion bar suspension. Glue ear hanging by the steel needle track shoes, track length of the colossal unit oppression vehicles only 48.1kPa (0.49kgf/cm2), from the floor underneath the high-482mm, and tracked vehicles out of the first front, which makes good the tank off-road skill. Standard equipment, including heating devices, turret dome exhaust fans, fire-fighting equipment and three anti-devices. Model mutation and change motorcar 1.M551A1 type light tank / reconnaissance vehicle control tower automobile in front of the M551's laser range finder installed AN/VVG-1 made. In 1971, the United States, Frankford Arsenal (FrankfordArsenal) with the Hughes Aircraft (HughesAircraft) signed a $ 8,300,000 contract to generate a laser range finder AN/VVG-1. 2.M551A1 type of light tank car of other variables identified with progressive anti-armor vehicles; install Ares (ARES) test the company's 75mm automatic cannon vehicles and ultra-low-recoil 105mm gun testing vehicles. Performance Data Model M551 Crew 4 Weight 13589kg 15830kg fighting the whole weight units of power 15kW / t units of pressure 48.1kPa drivers 6.299m Width 2.819m Height to turret top 2.272m Height 2.946m 0.480m vehicle from the ground to achieve the high-bandwidth 444mm Track megalopolis distance 2.348m length 3.660m to track the maximum speed of road 65km / h Water 6km / h fuel keeps 598L stroke 600km road crossing the ability to float 56% of the coil slope ascending competence of 36% of the vertical ascending wall, the more high-0.838m broad trench 2.540m engines General Motors (GeneralMotors) Company Model 6V-53T Type 2-stroke water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine power / speed 240kW/2800r/min gear type Model TG-250 type hydraulic mechanical transmission Forward / Reverse Number 4 / About 2 a.m. side gear percentage 2.22:1 gear type torsion bar suspension main weapon caliber / model / type 152mm/M81 / missile artillery weapons and dual-use tubes tied caliber / model / type / digit of 7.62mm/M73 / machine gun / 1 wind defense weapons caliber / model / type / number of 12.7mm/M2HB / machine gun / a smoke launchers 2 × 4 具 the total number of ammunition rounds 20 rounds of missile found 10 parallel machine made high transmitter ammunition 3080 ammunition 1000 made the turret drive motor / Manual turret rotation range maximum 360 ° turret circulation speed of 360 ° / 10s (unstable); 360 ° / 7.5s (stable) pitch range artillery -8 ° ~ +19.5 ° gun stabilizer quadrant height models of two-way rotation instruction M13A1C electrical system voltage control 24V model M31MOD term extra Atlas Atlas Open Category: naval, tanks, weapons, Marine Weapons